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A better way of grabbing HITs. Give yourself an edge over other turkers.

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Auto accept HITs based on customized criteria.

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What is Mturk Advantage?

Mturk Advantage is an application I created with the goal of maximizing my personal turking efficiency. While the various free tools that are currently available are very helpful, their existence is a double edged sword. With thousands of people having installed these scripts, using them to grab HITs as soon as they are posted, the competition to get good HITs has become incredibly high. I needed something to give me an edge.

An initial version of Mturk Advantage was finished in early 2018 and with the help of a group of experienced turkers has since been gradually improved. It has advanced to a point where it will help most turkers significantly improve their earning potential while simultaneously easing some of the inconveniences that come with being worker on Mechanical Turk.

A screenshot of Mturk Advantage.
A screenshot of Mturk Advantage.

How do I get started?

Unlike most turking tools, Mturk Advantage isn't a script you plug into a browser, but is a standalone application. It requires Windows and the Chrome browser to run (sorry Mac users.) Mturk Advantage is being offered as a service for the price of $20 a month. For serious turkers it will pay for itself and more. I don't expect people to take my word for it however, and so I am offering a two week trial period so you can see if it will be worthwhile for you.

Due to the nature of tools like this, the more people who have access the less effective they will be. For this reason the number of active concurrent users will be limited. If you're interested in learning more and potentially giving Mturk Advantage a try send me a message using the contact form found above. If no slots are currently available you will be added to a waiting list.

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