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Start Making Money On Mechanical Turk!

Welcome to the World of Turking

Making money online with Mechanical Turk

Starting out on Mechanical Turk can be a challenge. There is a lot of poorly paid work out there, and for most people, that's all they can see. Mturk does not make it easy to separate the garbage with the work worth working on. However, if you know what to look for, and more importantly, HOW to look for it, better paying work can be found.

There is learning curve, and it will take practice and persistence, but I firmly believe anyone willing to put in the effort can learn how to make a reasonable amount of money online with Mechanical Turk. The fact that you are here reading this means you are already off to a fantastic start.

In this website I will explain how to get started, how to break through the high learning curve, and how to put yourself in a position to earn a decent wage.

A screenshot of the Mechanical Turk task page.

Getting Started

Starting out on Mechanical Turk can be tough. There is a lot of bad work to wade through and without the necessary knowledge or tools that bad work may be all you can see. In this guide I will outline the basics of Mechanical Turk and will help you discover how to avoid the garbage and find the tasks worth working on.

Installing Scripts

Several tools have been created to help workers be more productive on Mechanical Turk. Many of these tools come in the form of userscripts you can install in your web browser. In this guide I will walk you through getting started with installing Mturk scripts and will help you find the most helpful scripts for the aspiring turker.

Leveling Up

After you have gotten into the rhythm of working on Mturk, you will want to work towards making your workflow as efficient as possible. In this guide I will offer some advice on how to do so. Becoming an efficient turker takes time and experience, but implementing some of these strategies will help speed up that process.